The Prequel to 365…

In “Eat, Pray, Love”, Julia Roberts’ character, Liz, decides that she needs a year, 365 days, to ‘find’ herself. She then travels to Italy, India and Bali to do so. I’ve heard so many of these stories before. Break ups, horrible jobs, a fall out with a friend, an unhealthy life. These are some of the reasons why people get up and go. They leave it all behind for India or Japan or anywhere without Wifi to go find whatever is missing in their lives.
Unfortunately, I am at a stage in my life where I can’t do that. I am student, about to begin the final year of my degree, with less to no financials and those pesky commitments that are always used as excuses. But I have dreams. I have those big dreams that our parents tell us to have when we are little, but as we get older, we get told to be practical and find a job that pays (and pays well).
I don’t have dreams of being famous or having tons of money. I don’t dream of a handsome muscular man to pay for my every need. And I definitely don’t dream of living someone else’s life. Instead I dream of improving my current one.
Being healthier and exploring are my dreams at the moment. When I was little I think they were to be an accountant (seriously, who dreams of that?) or to be Barbie (typical). And I am sure that in 5 years time my dreams will be different, but for now I have two simple dreams.
However, if these dreams were so simple, why haven’t they come true? Sadly, I know the answer. I keep on saying “Monday I’ll begin. On the 1st, I promise I won’t drink cool drinks. I’ll try travel next year”. All the typical questions that are preventing me from these ‘simple’ dreams.
So, like Liz, I am going to have my own year. I doubt I’ll visit anywhere exotic or become a permanent gym go-er. But, I am going to try. Starting Christmas day, my 365 days begin.
In the movie, Liz looks for a word to describe herself. I wish so badly that words such as “disciplined, productive, self-less, determined” described me but, I guess maybe by next year Christmas I’ll figure it out.
Heres to twinkled lights, misteltoe and 365 days of trying.

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