The 365 Choices…

It is currently 1:04 in the morning and once again, a million thoughts are flowing through my head. As you may have seen in my previous post, I have decided to begin my own year of self-improvement starting this Christmas.

It is all well and great to have the idea and the big words saying I’ll do it but, its the follow through that’s vital. We spend our whole lives saying “one day” or “next year”. Why do we never say “today”?

The choices that I need to make concerning my 365 days are very similar to New Years Resolutions and God knows that’s on everyone’s minds at the moment. On January 1st, miraculously the gym is packed, all Christmas feasts have been forgotten, we have vowed to be healthier, kinder, cleaner, more productive and all-in-all, a wondrously new person.

I think that the reason gyms are empty in February and the drive-through at MacDonalds is packed is because we set such high goals for ourselves that are impossible to complete. Proclamations of going to gym 6 days a week or setting an alarm to wake up every single day at 5 and get more done, are heard all over the world on New Year’s day.

Today I was watching a movie called “The Choice”, based on a book by Nicholas Sparks, where the choice being made was by man deciding whether to take his wife, in a coma, off life-support. Yes, a bit dull for the cheery Christmas time, but it relates to what I mentioned about our New Year’s Resolutions. We treat them as life or death. We think that we need to go big or go home. The situation in “The Choice” is something that I pray no person ever has to go through, but we do have to keep in mind that tomorrow could be our last day and we need to live and love to the fullest.

Cutting out carbs or sweating out 100 hours at the gym is not living life to the fullest. Living life, at least in my eyes, is spending it with family and loved ones doing things that we love whilst taking care of and improving ourselves in our own small ways.

One small choice that I am making for my year is to cut out cold drinks. This may seem like something insignificant but, to me it is huge. I struggled with a Coca-Cola addiction between the ages of 12 and 15 and since then I have managed to control the addiction but, I still struggle with the amount of cold drink I consume a day. This is one small way I can improve my health. Another way is going to be gym. I already go to gym but on a very irregular basis. I do very well for a week or two then don’t go for a while then go back. My choice is to make gym more consistent. I am not starting with 6 days a week, twice a day going crazy but rather, 3 days a week to start and then see how I do from there.

In terms of my traveling dreams, I will be setting out on my first adventure of the year to Cape Town in a couple of weeks. Something I have learnt in the build up to this trip is that I really need to handle my money better. I have two jobs out of university where I depend on income and this year I have sailed through that money. In order to save better this year, I have set up powerpoint documents that help me log how much income I get and how much I am saving. This will help me finance more travel in the future which for me is another way of living life to the fullest.

So to sum up my choices for my 365 days:

  1. No cold drinks
  2. Gym 3 days a week CONSISTENTLY to start
  3. Log all money incomes and savings

See, nothing too crazy or too impossible. Something small and achievable.

My wish for you this Christmas is to make wise choices, spend time with family and cherish the lives you have. Enjoy the moment now and worry about what you’ll do next year after the Christmas pudding. Happy holidays and I’ll check in with you after Christmas.

Here’s to joyous memories, love and 365 days of choices.


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