Seeing the bigger picture…

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I neededIMG_20161222_103113.jpg something to keep me occupied during my holidays. I remember spending countless weeks at home with my family completing puzzles when I was little. So, clever me, decided to buy a 1000 piece, black and white puzzle.
I am about two weeks in now and I am starting to think that either I was crazy or am going crazy.
Why did I decide to do this particular puzzle? Definitely not because it was 1000 pieces! But rather because the final picture was so beautiful and when framed after completion, would fit so well in my room.
At this point I am beginning to question whether completing it is even possible. I did so well with all the building pieces but, the sky seems like a never ending process of black, grey and white.
When we make choices in life, we hardly ever consider the process. We simply look at the outcome that we want. For example: when we begin a diet, we only partly consider the process. The outcome of looking great and achieving whatever your outcome is, is the big picture. We put the amount of hours in the gym and how much effort needs to be put into eating well, into the back of our minds. Then we begin the process and after a while we realize how hard it truly is. By then, the outcome picture is becoming less and less worthwhile and few people continue the process.
Such like this puzzle, I began with high hopes and the forthcoming of something beautiful to put on my bedroom wall. Now, being able to only manage to find maybe 2 pieces to fit into the puzzle each day, those hopes are slowly beginning to diminish.
But what do we do? We push. If it’s an outcome that is worthwhile, we push. Each day, little by little, we add a little piece to our goals, slowly building up to the desired product. In the words of some famous, wise guy: “Giving up is never an option”. Wise quote coming from someone who can barely finish a puzzle…
Whatever puzzle you’re struggling with in life, decide on the pieces that you need to push towards completion. Do a little piece everyday and with hard work and persistence, that goal is definitely in sight.
My 365 days are going to be 365 little pieces that will combine to make the big picture. 365 days is a long time when broken down individually, but as a whole, the outcome will be so worth it.
Here’s to high hopes, pushing and 365 little pieces.

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