And so it begins…

The tree, fairy lights, mistletoe and Christmas pudding are slowly beginning to be forgotten and thoughts of 2017, goals, resolutions and new adventures are forming in our minds.
First off, Merry Christmas to all. I hope that you spent the day surrounded by love and joy and I’m sure plenty of food. Christmas is the time of year when we look back on all that we are grateful for. I, for one, am lucky enough to be grateful for so many things. Family and friends, having a roof over my head and food on our table. Let us also think about those who aren’t fortunate to have much. Even if you didn’t on Christmas day, take 5 minutes out of your time this week and do a good deed for someone less fortunate than you.
As we move into the new year, our thoughts shift from what we are grateful for to what we plan to change or achieve in the next 12 months.
My 365 days have started off well but, not as well as I had planned. It’s hard being surrounded by so much temptation and the habits of the past. Trying to explain to others what you want to change and having them roll their eyes at you and say “why even bother trying?”. I guess that really was a question that came to mind: why try? Why make any different at all? Why new years resolutions?
We’re not perfect. There is always room for growth. We identify parts of our lives that don’t satisfy us and we attempt to make goals and form ideas and ways to change them. However, these areas for growth are not always understood by those around us. It’s a challenge in itself having people around you support your goals never mind just achieving them.
Even though, giving to others is very important and I encourage it all year around, there are moments in life where it is okay to be a tiny bit selfish. Thinking of yourself and how to improve and grow are healthy thoughts to have. This is our life at the end of the day and yes, we can do so much by helping others, but striving towards a good life for yourself should not be seen as a punishment.
So along with the 5 minutes of a good deed for someone else, take 5 minutes this week for yourself. You’ve probably spent the holidays surrounded by hoards of people. So whether 5 minutes means locking yourself in a room and meditating, getting in your car and just driving or simply reading a book; DO IT. I don’t believe that healthy self love comes naturally to many people. So find where your self love is and spend some time with it.
I pray that this coming year brings light, love and joy to those who need it and that we all step into it with fond memories of 2016 and high hopes for the new year.
Here’s to self love, giving and beginnings.

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