Where did 2017 come from?

Seriously, where did 2016 go? Feels like yesterday we were celebrating new years and now again it’s just popped up on us.
Happy New Year!!!! I honestly cannot believe how quickly this year has flown and how 2017 is already here!
I have spoken way to much in my previous posts about goals and resolutions etc. So in this blog post, I wanted to talk about crickets. Yes, I did just say that, Crickets. No, not the boring field game that men seem to enjoy for no reason that I could understand, but rather those pesky little creatures that live in our gardens.
Why crickets you may ask? Because they remind me of summer nights. Living in South Africa, we have pretty hot summers here and many of those night have to be spent outside. Sitting outside on a boiling hot summer night, having a  barbecue (or a braai in South Africa) surrounded by family and friends and alcohol, comes to mind when I hear crickets.
I am currently listening to those crickets right outside my bedroom window, whilst reminiscing about those summer nights. And in light of me leaving for Cape Town on Friday, I can’t help being so excited to travel again. Being at home over New Years is always relaxing. There’s no traffic and no people in the shops, restaurants or queues. Why? Because they’ve all migrated to Cape Town for the holidays. It seems to be a commonality that each year Joburgers pack up their houses and move to Clifton 4th Beach in Cape Town. So even though, it is quiet and relaxing here, one can’t help feeling lonely over the holidays.
I think it’s pretty similar to Christmas or Easter time. Everyone loves to return to home-cooked meals, the houses that they grew up in and familiar faces. And there’s always that one poor soul that has to stay put. Well this year, I was that one poor soul. But, I looked at the positive and took advantage of it. I got to see and eat at new places in Johannesburg that, even though I have lived here for 21 years, I would have never gone to otherwise. 27 boxes in Melville or Fresh Earth Cafe in Emmerentia are some of the unknown treasures that Johannesburg has to offer.
Every city in the world has these little treasures that we just need to step out of our comfort zone to find. So, if you are ever feeling like I have been over the past week, find those treasures in your city or town or country and do a bit of your own exploring.
I have been planning this trip to Cape Town for months now. You may ask why I am traveling to another city in my own country instead of going overseas. I promise you anyone who lives in South Africa would just smile at you and say it’s a South African thing. We love Cape Town. Its beaches, night life, and beautiful city all thrown together make the perfect holiday destination. It’s the perfect balance of relaxing and busy. If you ever have the chance to visit South Africa, I, as a proud Joburger, would even suggest you rather go to Cape Town.
My next blog post will be my packing plans and list for my trip to CT and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.
Here’s to little treasures, exploring your own city and starting 2017.

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