Where I’ve been…

Yes, I am guilty! Guilty of not writing anything recently. I have been very active on my Instagram account but, on here? I guess you could say its writer’s block, or laziness or in actual fact, I have had so many thoughts going through my head, that I’ve just been stumped on what to write about. So let’s start at the beginning.
My last post was on New Year’s Day where I spoke about my plans and goals for the new year. One of them was to go to Cape Town. Now, that holiday’s been, happened and feels like a long, lost dream. That’s the worst thing about getting home from a holiday. It’s not about going back to work or getting into a routine again, it’s that feeling that the holiday just never even happened. But, it was one the best and most relaxing holidays I’ve ever had!
My friends and I took a day trip up Chapman’s Peak drive.
We took our Spar salads and ventured to the deserted Llandudno beach.
We missioned to Muizenberg Beach and ate a delicious lunch with an ocean view of the surfers at Tyger’s Milk.
We took walks and bike rides on the Sea Point promenade.


Obviously went clubbing at the ‘exclusive’ Shimmy Beach Club.


Hit up Clifton 4th Beach.


And of course, we ate everywhere!!



(Osumo was our first stop in Sea Point)
(Then onto the most popular restaurant in town, Jarryds, for breakfast)


(Craft Burger Bar for what I think is the best burger in Cape Town)


(How can one miss Crumbs & Cream’s delicious ice cream sandwich)


(And a final breakfast at the incredible Newport Deli in Greenpoint)
So now that Cape Town has officially come and gone, it’s back to the grind. Going into my last year of university has me very nervous but, also very excited about all the possibilities ahead of me. I think after 3 months of holiday, I definitely don’t have a right to say I didn’t get enough rest. University and my health are at the top of my important list this year but, I am 100% going to be spending a lot of my spare time writing on here and posting on my Instagram page.I plan to be writing a lot about university life in South Africa and also reviews about restaurants that I go to as it seems that I enjoy trying and eating at new places around Johannesburg. And I promise that it won’t be so long until I post on here again (I think that’s more of a promise to me than you 😉
Here’s to memorable holidays, getting into routine and forgotten walks on the beach.

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